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5 Days Incredible Rwanda Safari
Gorilla Trekking, City Tour, Lake Kivu; a lake with very beautiful scenery

5 Days Great Apes Safari
This safari, takes you to the thickly forested areas in Uganda with forests like Kibale having the highest number of primate species in Africa and Bwindi impenetrable forest with half the population of the worlds remaining highly endangered Mountain Goril

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari
Kigali, Gorilla Trekking, Ruhengeri Beautiful Landscapes, Sweet memories

7 Days Gorilla and Wilderness Safari
This safari will take you to three of Uganda’s western wilderness parks with remarkable physical features of the Great western Rift Valley, crater lakes and savannah grassy plains that support a large population of wild life in Queen Elizabeth National


Another rhino baby is born on Uganda’s sole rhino sanctuary

    Another rhino baby is born on Uganda’s sole rhino sanctuary

    Good news coming from Uganda’s sole rhino sanctuary, Ziwa, that another ‘arrival’ was recorded by the sanctuary staff. Nandi, one of the initial females brought to the sanctuary when it was established, gave birth to what appears to be another healthy male calf. This returns the overall number of rhinos on the Ziwa Sanctuary of the Rhino Fund Uganda to 15, after earlier in the year one of the adult males succumbed to injuries sustained during a fight with another rhino.

    Rhino Fund Uganda is a private NGO which was established for the purpose of re-introducing rhinos to Uganda and under a breeding programme provide high enough numbers to allow the Uganda Wildlife Authority to eventually introduce the species back into selected national parks like Murchison’s Falls or Kidepo Valley NP.

    This objective can, given the sustained growth through births, very likely be reached before the end of the decade, making it one of Uganda’s greatest conservation successes.

    It is understood from usually well informed sources that discussions are also progressing towards the introduction of the Eastern Black species – the present population is Southern White – to in parallel also begin the same long march towards achieving viable populations on the sanctuary before allowing for a return into the wild.

    Congratulations to Ziwa’s Executive Director Angie Genade and the entire team on this occasion.

    For more details about Ziwa and how to support the fund financially and materially, click on www.rhinofund.org

    ATC News-Wolfgang.H Thome



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